The Wagon Bow Ranch Land

Not since the early pioneers left their indelible prints and timeless free spirits on this land has property in Arizona been more sought after. The symbol of these first settlers and landowners is best is best exemplified by the covered wagon.

The name Wagon Bow Ranch comes from the arches of the historic prairie schooners that carried pioneers and settlers to this beautiful land. The magnitude of Wagon Bow Ranch offers diversity almost beyond imagination with its awesome landscapes, astonishing vegetation, breathtaking mountain vistas, spectacular rock formations and abundant wildlife. Even at first glace you can see the environmental sensitivity that guided surveyors, architects and developers to utilize the natural terrain, not only to plat each parcel, but to share the amenity of gorgeous mountain views.

Today, Wagon Bow Ranch still offers some of the most picturesque landscape in the entire United States, encompassing 81 square miles of pristine government and private deedable land in the heart of the Aquarius Mountains.

Wagon Bow Ranch lies at an average elevation of 4,800 feet, creating a comfortable year-round climate. Winters are mild and the higher elevation allows an escape from summer’s heat. Scenic all-weather roads traverse Wagon Bow Ranch for access to each property throughout the seasons – the perfect place for outdoor activities and fun for the whole family.

Located in the water-abundant Aquarius Mountains, the availability of water by individual wells makes this property an even greater value. Propane gas is readily available and is regularly delivered to the ranch.

Wagon Bow Ranch with all its peaceful solitude is located just 7.5 miles east of Highway 93. This prime mountain ranch property is easily accessible from Phoenix, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Driving distance from Phoenix and Las Vegas approximately 2 hours. Our information center is located in Wikieup on Highway 93. Just 45 miles northwest of Wagon Bow ranch information Center is the peaceful town of Kingman, Arizona connecting with Interstate 40 and the famous Route 66.

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Land Statistics:


The closest town to the ranch is Wikieup, which is approximately 12 miles south of the ranch turnoff on Highway 93. Facilities in Wikieup include a gas station, grocery store, motel, several cafes, and a grade school (grades K-8). Retail stores, medical offices, hospital, high school, and community college are found in Kingman, Arizona. Transportation for high school students is provided by bus from Highway 93. Kingman also has governmental offices, as it is the county seat of Mohave County.

Land Size

26,000+/- Acres of Deeded Land 71%

14,192 +/- Acres of State Grazing Leased Land 29%

40,192 +/- Total Acres 100%


600 +/- Animal units yearlong


The Wagon Bow Ranch is located on a rich aquifer at the base of the Aquarius Mountains. At the northern boundary of the ranch, Trout Creek flows year round. Numerous other creeks and springs are found throughout the ranch. Most of the waters are located on deeded land. Domestic water at the ranch headquarters is supplied from a well, equipped with a submersible pump. A well site at the newly constructed owners home is solar powered.

Livestock waters include:

  • 16 windmills with steel storage tanks and drinkers
  • 3 horizontal wells
  • 6 dirt tanks
  • 14 developed springs
  • Numerous sweeps and 4 flowing creeks or draws

Well depths vary from 48 to 302 feet, and water levels range from 12 to 160 feet. The average well depth is 149 feet, and the average level is 58 feet.


The Wagon Bow ranch enjoys a diverse topography, ranging from mountainous slopes along the Aquarius Mountains in the western portion, to sloping mesas and flats comprising the majority of the land. Elevation extends from 3,000 to 6,000 feet, with the majority of the country situated in the range of 4,500 to 5,000 feet. The ranch headquarters is at an elevation of 4,750 feet.

Range Improvements

For those interested in cattle ranching:

Pastures and Holding pastures – The ranch has 34.5 +/- miles of perimeter fence with the balance of 3 +/- miles natural boundary along Trout Creek. There are approximately 32 miles of interior fence on the ranch, of which 13 miles is newly installed and solar powered electric fencing. There are 8 major fenced pastures that may be used throughout the year, and there are 7 holding pastures.

Corrals – There is a large set of shipping corrals located ½ mile south of the headquarters, including a loading chute and scales. There are 20 sets of corrals (14 with loading chutes) scattered throughout the ranch, most of which are located near water.

All of the range improvements are functional and in good repair, with most located on deeded land.


The range is well balanced with the two primary vegetation formations being Semi Desert Grassland and Chaparral. Perenial grasses include varying species of gramas (Blue, Black, and Side Oats), Tabosa, Galleta, Brush Muhly, Winterfat, and Ratany. The range is also capable of producing substantial quantities of annual grasses and weeds, such as Alfilaria, Red Brome, Six Weeks gramas, and common Foxtail. Predominant browse and tree species include Mesquite, Scrub Oak, Live Oak, Mountain Mahogany, Coffee Brush, and Cliff Rose.


Annual Precipitation is 14 to 18 inches.


Electricity – Provided by a diesel generator at the ranch headquarters; (10kw Blackstone primary which has recently been renovated, and a 9kw Witte backup). The owners’ home is powered by a solar inverted system. Solar energy is a viable method of obtaining electricity on the ranch.

Telephone – There are no phone lines to the property; however cellular phones operate from most areas of the ranch.

Propane - Propane gas is delivered to the ranch from a distributor located in Kingman.

Domestic Water – At the headquarters, pure natural water is delivered from a groundwater well equipped with a submersible pump.

  • 81 Square miles
  • In the heart of Aquarius Mountains
  • Average Elevation:
    4,800 feet
  • 7.5 miles East of Highway 93
  • 2 hours from Phoenix
    or Las Vegas
  • 40 minutes from Kingman

Wagon Bow Ranch Arizona Map
Call toll-free for more information: 1.866.991.9477

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